The Swedenborg Scientific Association (SSA) serves three purposes:Emanuel_Swedenborg

  1. publishing Emanuel Swedenborg’s pre-theological books
  2. using other available media broadcast the ideas contained in those books
  3. Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 7.06.42 PMsponsoring and publishing research into these these ideas, into their relationships to thecultural environments of the 18th century to today, and into the development of Swedenborg’s ideas as preparation for his role as revelator.

To fulfill these purposes, the SSA focuses on two projects:

  • TNP-cover-july-december-2013Publishing The New Philosophy, the journal of the Swedenborg Scientific Association. This biannual journal contains articles on topics of interest to the SSA and it’s members, reviews of books published by the SSA and other publishers, information about our growing catalog of publications, and news concerning the SSA and allied organizations.
  • NaturalBasis_150sqBuilding a catalog of books and other media—including both the works of Swedenborg and those of other authors—available for purchase and distribution.

Recent News

"The book is priceless" says AHMA member

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The American Holistic Medicine Association website published a review of David Fuller's book, Osteopathy and Swedenborg in 2012. The author of the review, William Morris, D.O. ended his review with "...the book is priceless."
Osteopathy and Swedenborg book recommended to "anyone interested in the big questions"

A review of David Fuller's book, Osteopathy and Swedenborg, appeared in a recent edition of the Cranial Letter, the quarterly newsletter of the Osteopathic Cranial Academy.
Osteopathy and Swedenborg reviewed in Theta Alpha Journal

"The mystery, the miracle is this: the patient’s body can communicate intelligently with us, the therapist/doctor. There is a deep 'knowing,' beyond words, but powerful and true. How can this be? I found the answer to that question in David Fuller’s book, specifically answered by Swedenborg, and picked up on by Osteopathy and its offspring."
Osteopathy and Swedenborg continues to receive accolades

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The Winter 2013-2014 issue of Chiropractic History contains a review of David Fuller's book, Osteopathy and Swedenborg.