upcoming in 2019: “Daedalus Hyperboreus” and “On Common Salt.”

Two new publications will be released in 2019.

Daedalus Hyperboreus

Kind Reader!
That which is now brought to the light of day is a fruit and like unto a firstborn of that correspondence which some learned men and lovers of the mathematical sciences in Upsala have carried on with our Swedish Archimedes Mr Assessor Christopher Polhammar. It has in all times been a lamentable fact that one has dishonoured a praiseworthy thing as long as it has still been possessed, but when it is lost, we have missed it:
Virtue inviolate we hate
But gone out of sight, we seek it with envy.
To prevent this, as I said, some learned men in Upsala have for five years by letter writing, compared their thoughts with the aforesaid Mr Polhammar and have received his replies, wherein many profound ideas, new experiments, inventions and machines are stated to give enlightenment both in mechanics in general as well as in natural sciences in general and in particular, in astronomy, yes, also in public administration have been expressed, in which generally no more experiments are being made than what has once and for all been accepted, for each one deems that to be enough which FATHER and MOTHER did for him.
The foreigners mostly hold that our Nordic and cold countries are little given for mathematical sciences, but they judge blindly and have found cause for it in the fact that with them there has been more opportunity and encouragement for the development of said sciences and as a consequence therof, more has been achieved. In particular, one maywell praise their Societies or the conferences of the learned, wherein each and everyone is given the freedom to express a new opinion and compare it with that of others and then, when it is proved to be well founded, to bring it to the public.
We would like to centre our hope on the same thing when the Almighty God grants our Incomparable Monarch peace and tranquility from his many and fierce enemies. Meanwhile, the intention is to publish something every two or three months, sometimes on mechanics concerning new hoisting and water machines, on clockworks and the like; sometimes in astronomy, in which our northern observations so remarkably may enlighten those made in the southern countries; sometimes in public administration, on house building, construction of fireplaces and ovens, etc.
One lives in the confident expectation that this may be as kindly considered and received as it is offered for the common good with the best of intention. Farewell.

E M. SWEDBERG. Upsala, October 23, 1715.

On Common Salt

De Sale Communi, the Latin version, was authored by Emanuel Swedenborg.  On Common Salt, the first English translation of Swedenborg’slittle work,  De Sale Communi, as a posthumous publication, was translated by Alfred Acton and published in 1910. This second edition was a revision of the Latin text, with corrections of 136 misreadings occurring in the first Latin edition. This translation was effectively done from the original manuscript, alongside of the Alfred Acton edition, by Michael V. David andJ. Durban Odhner. It was first published in  The New Philosophy issue years1983–1992.

This second translation is now published in book form for the first time.

“Intelligent Default” available soon

Intelligent Default: Using Emanuel Swedenborg’s Theistic Science To Solve Contemporary Problems In Natural Philosophy. By Reuben P. Bell, Publisher: Swedenborg Scientific Association, ISBN: 978-0-915221-54-7.

Emanuel Swedenborg came of age with the rise of modern science and the waning of religious orthodoxy. As a theistic scientist he was at odds with the naturalism of his colleagues, and as a mystical theologian he was equally at odds with orthodox Christianity. Yet his accomplishments in science and spirituality did much to improve the lot of both: his scientific discoveries are capable of informing twenty-first century physicsand biology, and the spiritual principles hediscovered are sufficiently comprehensive tosupport a model inclusive of both. His methodis as useful today as it was in his time.To support this claim, Intelligent Defaultapplies Swedenborg’s science, spirituality, andmethod to a present-day problem in the naturalsciences: the evolution of organic forms. UsingSwedenborg’s doctrines of influx, degrees,forms, correspondence, and others, whichcombine to produce a comprehensive modelof spiritual causation, new light is shed onthis perennial problem: natural forms are not“designed,” nor do they appear by accident.Every organic form is a “default setting,” asit were, established according to parametersinherent in matter, in response to environmentalconditions, but dependent on reciprocal,functional interaction with a spiritual cause aswell.These parameters are analogically reflectiveof the divine human form, manifesting itselfin continual creation. A comprehensivetreatment of Swedenborg’s doctrines offorms and correspondence reveals theseprinciples to be complementary structural andfunctional mechanisms of spiritual-naturalinflux, respectively. Change of form is bydiscrete degrees of order, and spiritual-naturalinteraction is by corresponding function. Whatresults is matter, receptive of and responsive todivine influx, participating in the human form,to the limits of its organizational parameters.These parameters, seen from our naturalperspective as the physical constraints of natural laws, are this divine human formaccommodated to and at work in the naturalworld, apart from, and yet interactive withit. Evolution of new forms and adaptation ofexisting forms to changing conditions occur inthe crucible of the “randomness” of nature intowhich, at its inmost level, flows the template ofthe human form divine.

Will be for sale at Amazon.com and swedenborg-philosophy.org.

Breaking The Shell: Connecting the Spiritual Cascade to the Physical with New Church Science. A Theistic Science Symposium

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Upcoming: Breaking The Shell, Connecting the Spiritual Cascade to the Physical with New Church Science. A Theistic Science Symposium presented by Swedenborg Scientific Association (host) and the Theistic Science Group. Saturday,October 12, 2019, 9AM–5PM, Pendleton Hall, Bryn Athyn College, Bryn Athyn, PA. Free registration requested, see below.

The SSA would like to introduce the Theistic Science Group a collaboration of New Church scientists and theologians working on a model of scientific principles based on the axiom of spiritual-natural causation. If natural things and processes are derived from spiritual causes, how can these be described in scientific terms? Using doctrines from Swedenborg’s scientific and theological works, the Theistic Science Group asks “How does spirit descend into nature, creating as it comes?” Questions of the origin of matter, divine order, in nature, and the emergence of organic forms are being addressed by the group. Their process will be reported at this first Theistic Science Symposium. See http://swedenborg-philosophy.org for details, updates, and registration. Housing available for a charge at the BA College. Talks will be live-streamed and put on YouTube. Contact: SwedenborgScientific@gmail.com.

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Reuben Bell, president, Swedenborg Scientific Association — Welcome

Ron Horvath, chairman, Theistic Science Group — Introduction to who and what is the Theistic Science Group, and what are we doing here?

Reuben Bell – The Emergence of Organic Forms, with Q & A

Andy Heilman – Introduction to discrete degrees in New Church Science

Ian Thompson – Enneads of Spiritual and Physical Sub-degrees

Andy Heilman and Ian Thompson – Q & A

Lunch – Lunches available for purchase at the college cafeteria. Book exhibit for review and purchase, including new releases.

Steve Smith– Puzzles and Fine-Tuning in Physics and Biology, with Q&A

Ian Thompson – A Mechanism for Spiritual Influx into the Physical (the Nexus), with Q & A

Panel Discussion moderated by Dan Synnestvedt

Ron Horvath – Summary remarks: Where are we going from here? Not just an intellectual experience; a call to action in research and observations of spirit acting into nature according to the principles discussed today.

New book releases at the symposium, highlighting: 

Intelligent Default: Using Emanuel Swedenborg’s Theistic Science To Solve Contemporary Problems In Natural Philosophy. By Reuben P. Bell, Publisher: Swedenborg Scientific Association, ISBN: 978-0-915221-54-7, Will be for sale at Amazon.com and swedenborg-philosophy.org.

Book Expo 2016 being held on April 9, 2016

All are cordially invited to attend the second annual

Book Expo 2016

Spirituality, Science, and Swedenborgian Theory
throughout History


NEW DATE: April 9, 2016, 9am to 4:30 pm at Bryn Athyn College, Bryn Athyn, PA


Last April, the Bryn Athyn College hosted, in their beautiful facilities, an open-to-the-public Book Expo to celebrate and explore Science, Spirituality, and Swedenborgian Theory throughout history. Hundreds of books of a vast variety were available and speakers were engaging attendees throughout the day. The theme of that Book Expo was, via books and talks, to follow spirituality weaving through ancient history, sciences, philosophy, medicine, naturalism, abolition of slavery, child labor rights, covering new spiritual paradigms, envisioning the afterlife, Swedenborg’s works—both scientific and theological—and much more.

Watch the Expo 2015 talks on the NCAP YouTube channel.


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