Book Expo April 2017

Presented by Bryn Athyn College

April 8, Pendleton Hall

  • Doors open at 8:30

  • Educational Talks (8:30am – 4pm)

  • Wine and Cheese Reception (4-6pm, provided by the Cole Foundation).

Sure to be an interesting day!

Talks will be live streamed on the YouTube channel “NCAP Swedenborg”.

8:30 AMDoors Open
8:30 AM - 5:00 PMBook Sales
9:00 AMRise Above It: College Students Talk about Their Spiritual DevelopmentRev. Ray Silverman (PhD, MAT, MDiv)
This talk will focus on the inner life of college students, especially as they examine themselves in the light of the Ten Commandments. Ray will share the “inside story” of what it is like to be a college student today—and what it is like to teach religious ethics, especially in an increasingly atheistic world. After teaching his course on the Ten Commandments (often with his wife, Star) on college campuses for 20 years, Ray compiled over 7,000 journal entries, and carefully sifted through them to put together a new edition of Rise Above It. The original book, Rise Above It: Spiritual Development Through the Ten Commandments, quickly became a New Church bestseller and in 2006 provided the starting point for what has become the New Church “Journey Program.” This new book, which is written as a college textbook, is intended for use in college classrooms across America and around the world. It will serve to help students of all faiths (and no faith) understand what Jesus meant when He said, “if you want to enter into life, keep the commandments.” (Matthew 19:17). Anonymous excerpts from journals entries (used with permission) will be read aloud and discussed with the audience.
11:30 AMLunch Break
1:15 PMThe New Philosophy: 100 years of the Swedenborg Scientific Association and its Contributions to a New World of IdeasRev. Stephen Cole Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy
This presentation will survey the history and evolution of the goals and activities of the Swedenborg Scientific Association (SSA).
As its name suggests, the SSA, was founded to translate, publish, and promote Swedenborg's scientific and philosophical works. But in a period extending over more than a century, its mission has expanded to encompass what is implied in the title of its journal: "The New Philosophy." At first, it sponsored talks and published material that simply applied and built on the concepts in the works that Swedenborg wrote prior to the theological works. But in course of time, it has become increasingly devoted to the scholarly exploration of scientific and philosophical ideas inspired by the works of New Church doctrine as well. In recent decades this has, for instance, included fields as wide ranging as psychology, linguistics, history, and the law.
2:45 PMThe Art of Spiritual WarfareRev. Grant Schnarr, Professor of Religion at Bryn Athyn College
Every major religion and spiritual philosophy in some way or another speaks of the inner battle between the dark and the light, the evil and the good, the lower self and the higher more noble self. Art of Spiritual Warfare, published in several languages on four continents, is a guide for inner spiritual battle and the way to peace. With the Swedenborgian perspective as a foundation this book gathers the wisdom from all religious philosophies and faiths, and also uses the battle strategies contained in ancient Chinese warrior-philosopher’s work, The Art of War (studied by military generals even today). The presentation will highlight some of the spiritual strategies to overcome inner spiritual enemies. Art of Spiritual Warfare is also the philosophical underpinnings of the highly successful SWET (Spiritual Warfare Effectiveness Training) program reaching over a thousand men in the last two decades. You will hear two leaders talk about particular teachings in that book, as well as from the author.
4:00 PM - 6:00 PMComplimentary Wine and cheese (Book sales until 5:00 PM)Provided by the Cole Foundation

Watch videos from Book Expo 2016 and 2015 on the YouTube channel “NCAP Swedenborg”.

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