In regard to Swedenborg’s works which are frequently cited in articles published in The New Philosophy, we make two observations. Firstly, contributors commonly make a distinction between those works which are essentially theological (referred to as “the Writings” or “the Heavenly Doctrine”) and those which are essentially scientific or philosophical (referred to as “the pre-theological works”). And secondly, all references to Swedenborg’s works are given by section number, not by page unless so stated. When reference is made to a particular section in a work, the title of the work is abbreviated—as given in the list below—and this is immediately followed by the number; thus (AC 590) refers to section 590 in Arcana Coelestia.

A Selection from Swedenborg’s Works and Their Abbreviated Titles

In the list below, titles marked with an asterisk were published posthumously.

Theological Works

Abom.—Abomination of Desolation*
AC—Arcana Coelestia
AE—Apocalypse Explained*
AR—Apocalypse Revealed
Ath.—Athanasian Creed*
BE—Brief Exposition
Calvin—Conversations with Calvin*
Char.—Doctrine of Charity*
CL—Conjugial Love
CLJ—Continuation of the Last Judgment
Conv. Ang.—Conversations with Angels*
DLW—Divine Love and Wisdom
Dom.—De Domino*
DP—Divine Providence
Ecc. Hist.—Ecclesiastical History of the New Church*
EU—Earths in the Universe (Worlds in Space)
F—Doctrine of Faith
5 Mem.—Five Memorable Relations*
HD—New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine
HH—Heaven and Hell
Hist. Crea.—History of Creation*
Idea—Angelic Idea concerning Creation
ISB—Intercourse between Soul and Body
Inv.—Invitation to the New Church*
Jus.—Concerning Justification and Good Works*
Life—Doctrine of Life
LJ—Last Judgment (posthumous)*
Lord—Doctrine of the Lord
Love—Divine Love*
Mar.—On Marriage*
PP—Prophets and Psalms*
Q—Nine Questions*
SC—Scriptural Confirmations*
SE—Spiritual Experiences*
SD min.—Spiritual Diary Minor*
SS—Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture
TCR—True Christian Religion
Verbo—De Verbo*
WE—Word Explained (Adversaria)*
WH—White Horse
Wis.—Divine Wisdom*

Scientific and philosophical works

AK—Animal Kingdom (Soul’s Domain)
Cer.—The Cerebrum*
EAK I, II—Economy of the Animal Kingdom (Dynamics of the Soul’s Domain)
Fib.—The Fibre (EAK III)
Inf.—The Infinite
JD—Journal of Dreams*
L Pr.—Lesser Principia*
Misc. Obs.—Miscellaneous Observations
OPS—Origin and Propagation of the Soul*
Psych. Trans.—Psychological Transactions*
R. Psych.—Rational Psychology*
Sens.—The Five Senses*
WLG—Worship and Love of God