Intelligent Default
By Reuben P. Bell

Intelligent Default applies Swedenborg’s science, spirituality, and method to a present-day problem in the natural sciences: the evolution of organic forms. Using Swedenborg’s doctrines of influx, degrees, forms, correspondence, and others, which combine to produce a comprehensive model of spiritual causation, new light is shed on this perennial problem: natural forms are not “designed,” nor do they appear by accident.

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On Common Salt
Why a book about salt in the eighteenth century?

Salt was the number one commodity in the pre-industrial world, and Emanuel Swedenborg, Assessor of Mines, wrote the definitive textbook on the subject.

A fascinating new perspective to another of Swedenborg’s many scientific works.

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Daedalus Hyperboreus

“For those who are interested in history of science Daedalus Hyperboreus is a fascinating reading.” —Upsala Nya Tidning

Daedalus Hyperboreus [“The Nordic Daedalus”] is the first ever scientific journal in Sweden and one of the first in Europe. Swedenborg himself wrote the majority of the 38 articles. Sometimes he has used Polhem’s notes and letters, and at times has carefully studied Polhem’s machines in action. In many of the articles he also describes his own inventions and experiments. They deal with such things as the construction of a flying machine, ship-building, methods to establish the longitude at sea or to find the proportion between the volume of geometrical bodies.

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Osteopathy and Swedenborg
By David Fuller

“A scholarly and eminently readable work offering a valuable perspective on the place of Emanuel Swedenborg, one of the world’s greatest polymaths, within the intellectual currents that shaped the development and continued evolution of Still’s and, even more so, to Sutherland’s thought.”

—Jane Eliza Stark, D.O.M.P., Osteopathic Historian, Director of Research, Canadian College of Osteopathy, Toronto, Canada, Author of Still’s Fascia

Now in its Second Printing and available as an eBook

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