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On July 18th, a group of “Swedenborgare” arrived at a little country estate in southern Dalecarlia that was once the property of Sara Bergia, the second wife of Bishop Jesper Swedberg. This property went after her decease jointly to Emanuel Swedenborg and to Lars Benzelstierna. It now belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Måns Försell, who kindly welcomed our group for a visit of several hours, greeting us with the message given below.

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Reflections on Beryl Briscoe, Dr. Acton, and Room 17

The objective, as I understand the editor’s invitation to me to write something in remembrance of Beryl Briscoe, was to appeal to my memory in that regard. Since Beryl resigned her place as treasurer of the Swedenborg Scientific Association about thirty years ago, and the author of these remarks is over eighty, remembrance can be fraught with problems. Anyway, Beryl was part of a triad consisting of two persons and a library. The other person of course was Dr. Acton, and “Room 17” was the way Swedenborgiana was referred to, Room 17 being the room in the Academy library that contained Swedenborgiana. The most important part of that collection of books (that with great care had been obtained over the years from booksellers in Europe) was the copies of books of the same edition, where possible, that had been in Swedenborg’s own collection.

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