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Beryl Briscoe — A Personal Memior

Beryl Briscoe was a woman of parts—many parts. I have realized this more vividly since her passing, as many friends have expressed surprise at something they have just learned about her. It’s unfortunate that they knew so little about her, because she had a remarkably active and interesting life and personality.

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Beryl Briscoe

I append to these reminiscences a list of most of the work in which Aunt Beryl aided my grandfather over their many years together.

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Elmo C. Acton – An Appreciation

The Right Reverend Elmo C. Acton, a member of the Board of Directors of the Swedenborg Scientific Association and an ardent supporter of its uses, passed into the spiritual world on Christmas Day, 1975. He had devoted a half-century to pastor-ships in the General Church of the New Jerusalem and to teaching in various Church society schools as well as in the Theological School of the Academy of the New Church. Following retirement from his final pastoral office as Dean of the Bryn Athyn Church, Bishop Acton continued teaching courses in the Academy, and he gave occasional adult classes to the Bryn Athyn society. Of special relevance to the work of this association was a reading class he conducted in Swedenborg’s philosophical works.

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