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Science and Religion: Good News for Both

In 2011, Dr. Ian Thompson (PhD), a nuclear physicist in California, published a book titled Starting Science From God. In it he proposed rational scientific theories capable of explaining many of the mysteries of modern science based on the operation of God in the orderly steps and stages of creation. It was the beginning of a new era of study we now call “theistic science.”Now this work has been complemented by another book just published by the Swedenborg Scientific Association, titled, Intelligent Default, by the Rev. Dr. Reuben Bell (DO, PhD). In this new work, Bell makes the case for Swedenborg’s theistic science in relation to “the problem of organic form.” As he says, it’s not a question of whether God created and maintains the world, it’s a question of HOW, and he answers that question in excruciating scientific and philosophical detail.

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