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Dedication of Swedenborg Room

The Swedenborg Room was a gift of the Connecticut inventor and industrialist Dr. Karl W. Hallden and his wife. Dr. Hallden was born in Sweden and came to America as a small boy. His interest in mechanical engineering brought him in contact with the work of Christopher Polhem, “The Father of Swedish Technology,” and Swedenborg. A deep admiration of these men prompted his sponsoring of an English translation of “Christopher Polhem” a memorial volume (1963), and later the gift of the Swedenborg Room.

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Open House of Swedenborgiana Library

On the evening of October 20, 1966, Dr. Hugo Lj. Odhner, Head of Swedenborgiana Research, opened a meeting attended by alumni and friends of the Academy of the New Church in its auditorium in Benade Hall as follows.

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Spiritual Experiences

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) is known for his claim to a continuous experience of the afterlife while still in the world. From the time that he first began having spiritual experiences he would write down brief, often rather hasty paragraphs in learned but informal NeoLatin on what he had seen and heard in the world beyond. By the end of his life Swedenborg had written over 6000 such paragraphs, to which he added an index almost half as large as the work itself.

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