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Selected Sentences from L. Annaeus Seneca and Publius Syrus the Mime (with notes from Emanuel Swedenborg)

So far as I know, this is the first complete translation of Emanuel Swedenborg’s Selectae Sententiae. The original typewritten manuscript of this revised copy was found among Dr. Acton’s papers after his death, and since he himself typed the first eleven pages, the indications are that it was begun before 1920 when I took over the rest of the typing. This manuscript did not include the translation of the title page, the Dedication, and the Greek Poem. I have, therefore, added these from Dr. Acton’s translation thereof in his lectures on Swedenborg’s life, pp. 21-23. At the outset, it should be noted that this version of Dr. Acton’s translation was not finally approved by him although the copy from which it was made had been gone over at least once, as shown by the innumerable corrections, etc., entered thereon. It is now being given to the press in the unpolished form in which it was found, except for obviously needed editorial revisions.

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