by Kurt Nemitz


  • 1688 Born January 29, 1688 in Stockholm Sweden.
  • 1692 Family moves to Uppsala when his father Jesper Swedberg is appointed a Professor of Theology at the university.
  • 1696 Swedenborg’s mother, Sarah Behm Swedberg dies.
  • 1699 Matriculates at Uppsala University.
  • 1703 Jesper Swedberg appointed Bishop of Skara in central Sweden.
  • 1709 Graduates from Uppsala University.


  • 1710 Travels to England to study science.
  • 1713 Travels to Holland and France to study science.
  • 1714 Travels to Rostock via Germany to organize his studies.
  • 1715 Returns to Sweden.


  • 1716 Appointed to Royal College of Mines.
  • 1716 Publishes first issue of Daedalus Hyperboreus.
  • 1718 Works with Swedish inventor Christopher Polhem.
  • 1719 His father Bishop Jesper Swedberg ennobled and therewith his and his children’s family name changed to Swedenborg.
  • 1721 Publishes first book Chemistry.
  • 1722 Publishes proposal on Sweden’s coinage system.
  • 1723 Recognized as an Assessor of the Royal College of Mines.
  • 1724 Nomination as a full, salaried Assessor approved by the king.


  • 1734 Publishes three-volume Philosophical and Mineralogical Works.
  • 1734 Publishes The Infinite and Final Cause of Creation.
  • 1740 Publishes the first volume of The Economy of the Soul’s Kingdom.
  • 1741 Publishes the second volume of The Economy of the Soul’s Kingdom.
  • 1744 Publishes The Soul’s Kingdom.
  • 1745 Publishes two volumes of The Worship and Love of God.


  • 1745 Receives a Divine “call”–spiritual sight is opened and communication with those in the hereafter begins.
  • 1747 Resigns from the Royal College of Mines.
  • 1749 Publishes the first volume of Arcana Coelestia.
  • 1756 Publishes the eighth volume of Arcana Coelesia.
  • 1758 Publishes five theological works including Heaven and Hell and The Last Judgment.
  • 1760 Memorial on hard currency presented to the House of Nobles.
  • 1763 Publishes the doctrines of the New Jerusalem: Divine Providence and Divine Love and Wisdom.
  • 1764 Publishes the two volume Apocalypse Revealed.
  • 1768 Publishes Conjugial Love.
  • 1770 Publishes first volume of True Christian Religion.
  • 1771 Publishes second volume of True Christian Religion.
  • 1771 Suffers stroke in London in December.
  • 1772 Dies in London on March 29th.