Where do we go from here?Reuben Bell11/14/2019Theistic Science Symposium 2019Dr. Rev. Reuben Bell, author of Intelligent Default: Saying “Theistic Science” and doing it are two different things. We need to know what theistic
science looks like. Here is an outline of how I think it works, at least in my area of interest, which is the evolution of organic forms.
I am proposing the concept of Intelligent Default, that sees organic forms as “default settings” for matter in its various configurations, under various conditions. Human Form flows in (Swedenborg called this formative substance), and matter responds according to set laws and physical constraints, producing natural images of spiritual uses. These natural laws and physical constraints are none other than the Creator Himself, accommodated to the conditions of the natural world.
Q&A and Closing StatementsDan Synnestvedt11/12/2018Theistic Science Symposium 2019This is the final event in the 2019 Theistic Science Symposium. Moderated by Dan Synnestvedt, Ph.D.
Q&A Panel and Closing Statements

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