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Daedalus Hyperboreus

Kind Reader!
That which is now brought to the light of day is a fruit and like unto a firstborn of that correspondence which some learned men and lovers of the mathematical sciences in Upsala have carried on with our Swedish Archimedes Mr Assessor Christopher Polhammar. It has in all times been a lamentable fact that one has dishonoured a praiseworthy thing as long as it has still been possessed, but when it is lost, we have missed it:
Virtue inviolate we hate
But gone out of sight, we seek it with envy.
To prevent this, as I said, some learned men in Upsala have for five years by letter writing, compared their thoughts with the aforesaid Mr Polhammar and have received his replies, wherein many profound ideas, new experiments, inventions and machines are stated to give enlightenment both in mechanics in general as well as in natural sciences in general and in particular, in astronomy, yes, also in public administration have been expressed, in which generally no more experiments are being made than what has once and for all been accepted, for each one deems that to be enough which FATHER and MOTHER did for him.
The foreigners mostly hold that our Nordic and cold countries are little given for mathematical sciences, but they judge blindly and have found cause for it in the fact that with them there has been more opportunity and encouragement for the development of said sciences and as a consequence therof, more has been achieved. In particular, one maywell praise their Societies or the conferences of the learned, wherein each and everyone is given the freedom to express a new opinion and compare it with that of others and then, when it is proved to be well founded, to bring it to the public.
We would like to centre our hope on the same thing when the Almighty God grants our Incomparable Monarch peace and tranquility from his many and fierce enemies. Meanwhile, the intention is to publish something every two or three months, sometimes on mechanics concerning new hoisting and water machines, on clockworks and the like; sometimes in astronomy, in which our northern observations so remarkably may enlighten those made in the southern countries; sometimes in public administration, on house building, construction of fireplaces and ovens, etc.
One lives in the confident expectation that this may be as kindly considered and received as it is offered for the common good with the best of intention. Farewell.

E M. SWEDBERG. Upsala, October 23, 1715.

On Common Salt

De Sale Communi, the Latin version, was authored by Emanuel Swedenborg.  On Common Salt, the first English translation of Swedenborg’slittle work,  De Sale Communi, as a posthumous publication, was translated by Alfred Acton and published in 1910. This second edition was a revision of the Latin text, with corrections of 136 misreadings occurring in the first Latin edition. This translation was effectively done from the original manuscript, alongside of the Alfred Acton edition, by Michael V. David andJ. Durban Odhner. It was first published in  The New Philosophy issue years1983–1992.

This second translation is now published in book form for the first time.

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